Goldie May

Your Genealogy Research Assistant

Goldie May is a browser extension that guides your family history research and offers helpful tips when you get stuck.

Goldie May is a FamilySearch Compatible Solution Goldie May is an approved training partner of The Family History Guide Association

Features You'll Love

Never lose another search or site again

Goldie May is the easiest way to keep a genealogy research log. As you work, Goldie saves your searches and the sites you visit!

Stop repeating your research work.

Let Goldie May remember where you've been.

Goldie May Family History Research Assistant
Goldie May Family History Research Assistant

Start each session with an objective

If you are a beginner to family history research, you'll love how Goldie May provides structure and direction to your research.

Starting from scratch is overwhelming, but Goldie May helps to get you off on the right foot!

Avoid rabbit holes and stay focused

Goldie May guides you through the process of beginning with an objective and offers suggestions on where to begin.

Avoid going down rabbit holes or losing your focus! Goldie May will help you stay on task.

Goldie May Family History Research Assistant

How Does Goldie May Work?

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